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‘Megger’s Cert Suite certification software has been an absolute game changer for our business, it has massively improved the look and feel of our certificates and made it much quicker and easier to produce them. We have submitted hundreds of certificates using this software now, and we are so pleased with the result!’

- Jordan Farley, Artisan Electrics

‘Great price. Easy to use. Good support. What else do you need?’

- Stuart Leverett, Electrical Contractor

‘Megger CertSuite speeds up testing jobs and all associated paperwork. Its ability to pre-configure test reports is really helpful.’

- Dan@Quantum Electrical Services, London

‘I’ve been using Megger Cert Suite for 3 years now and never had one issue. The software never goes down, it’s always available, and quick and simple to use. In the last 6 months I’ve carried out an unprecedented number of EICRs and the software has been invaluable to my business. Works offline and syncs up when a connection is found which is very handy in rural Derbyshire. Some of the best features are the offline sync, simple interface, the flat fee for unlimited certs over the year and the highly responsive support.’

- Sam, Voltaire Electrical Ltd

‘We at Coalo have used Megger CertSuite for around 3 years now and it has changed our certification process hugely. All certificates look really professional with great customisation options. The team are also very supportive and are always happy to help.’

- James@Coalo, LB Hounslow

'I got paid faster than all the other installation contractors on site, because my certificates were completed quickly, and were all spot on first time.'

-Dave O’Malley, Sparkright Electrical

‘Megger CertSuite allows us to complete electrical certificates while out on site, and to manage and monitor our operatives during this process. It is user friendly, you are able to add users and control their use, and you can use the software on a variety of devices all at the same time. The Cert Suite support team are also very helpful if we have any issues with anything.’

-Derry Ltd, Electrical Contractors

'Megger CertSuite reduces the time it takes us to create certificates, and works well on site and offline. The EICRs include digital photographs, and links to observations, which is really useful.’

- Paul Traynor, PJT Electrical

‘Megger Cert Suite creates professional and well put together electrical certificates.’

- Whitley Electrical Services, Buckley, Clwyd